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ScheduleBreeze is an internet-based software that allows you to quickly and easily create a schedule.

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What are the minimum computer requirements for using ScheduleBreeze?

  • A registered copy of Managers of Their Homes
  • DSL or better internet connection
  • You MUST have either Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla FireFox 4.0, Safari 5 or Google Chrome
  • Desktop or laptop (handheld or tablet devices may or may not work)
  • Optional: Printer (for printing Schedule)


This software is very functional and easy to use. I absolutely love it! I love that I can come back time and time again to change our schedule quickly and easily if we add or take away activities in our daily routine. There is no other scheduling system like it. The Maxwell's have done a phenominal job developing this system and following the Lord's calling on their lives to help, teach and equip those of us who were previously "scheduling challenged". Thank you SO much!
-- Lisa L. (read some more!)

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ScheduleBreeze, the official companion to Managers of Their Homes, is an internet-based software that allows you to quickly and easily create your schedule in less time than handwriting your schedule or using spreadsheet software. The five steps that ScheduleBreeze uses are taken directly from the book, Managers of Their Homes, and streamlined to make creating your schedule as easy as possible. The first three steps set the background for step four. Step four is where you lay out your schedule. Using today's latest technology, ScheduleBreeze allows you to drag and drop items on your schedule, resizing time blocks for different children, and it even alerts you when a time block is smaller than what you assigned to it. When you are finished, you can either print it directly or save it to a PDF to print somewhere else.

We even have made the final step, step five, to allow you complete control over the printing. You can print out a schedule, the same size and colors of the book, or you can print one that is small and condensed to easily fit in a notebook. Ready to give it a test run? Click here to get started. Please note: you need to have a registered copy of Managers of Their Homes to continue.

Where's the product demo?

We have found that the most beneficial is when you get into the software and try it out for yourself. That is why we are offering a free trial subscription so that you can try it before purchasing ScheduleBreeze. The only requirement for the preview is that you have registered your copy of Managers of Their Homes. Click here to see how this works. The preview subscription has some limitations, such as one child in the system, scheduling him/her for 4 hours on the schedule and no printing.

Program Overview

Each step very closely mimics the Scheduling Kit. The first step is adding names into ScheduleBreeze. Each name can have a color. The next step is what schedules you would like to set up. For example, you might have an Weekday schedule, and you might have a Saturday schedule. ScheduleBreeze allows a great amount of flexibility. Then, you set up your activity worksheets. Each activity can be assigned to one or more names. We also show an automatic time tally for each name so you can keep track of how much time you are using. The next step is setting up the actual schedule. Choose which name or child you would like to work with, and drag and drop the activities onto the appropriate time blocks. ScheduleBreeze will tell you if the activity that you entered exceeds the time block that you put it into. To remedy this, press Ctrl on the keyboard and click and drag to resize the block. It's as easy as that. When you are done with that, you can print the schedule in a variety of sizes and formats.

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